Additional Services

In addition to a wide range of excellent tuition options we also offer these further services to help our students to achieve their full potential.


1) Educational Guidance
We understand that sometimes the process of deciding how to best manage your child’s education can be overwhelming. Mrs Balakrishnan has been guiding parents for 30 years on a variety of issues such as good school options for your child, how best to teach children with special needs and a wealth of other issues. If you feel you could benefit from some guidance, please contact us by clicking here

Fees: from £150

2) 4+ Guidance

We know navigating the 4+ can be daunting for parents who are often confused on what might be expected from their young children during the assessments. We have a lot of experience in this area with some of the most highly regarded schools in London including NLCS and Kensington Prep. Mrs Collins usually takes these appointments and places are limited.

Fees: from £250


3) 11+ interview preparation

If your child has been successful with getting to the interview stage for private school entry and you need an appointment for interview practice, we can help. These are held by either Mrs Collins or Mrs Balakrishnan and slots are extremely limited.


Fees: £80 for 30 mins


3) Personal Statement Advice
Writing their personal statement can be incredibly daunting for students. At SBK Tuition, Mr Balakrishnan offers sessions to help your child with their personal statement. To enquire or make a booking please contact us by clicking here

Fees: £50 for 30 mins

4) GCSE and AS/A level retakes

SBK Tuition has prepared hundreds of students to retake their exam retakes. We are able to enter students privately. To enquire or make a booking please contact us by clicking here

5) Home Schooling

We have a wealth of experience in advising parents who have opted for home schooling. We can provide the necessary lessons to ensure your child doesn’t miss out whilst waiting for a new school. To enquire or make a booking please contact us by clicking here

Fees for guidance on home schooling: from £120 


6) Form filling


We understand that sometimes you do require us to fill in paperwork for tax credits, student grants etc. Unfortunately, as this is a time consuming process,we regret that there is a charge for this service. Should you require us to fill in any paperwork on your behalf, please do email or call us.

Fees: starting from £85