11+ Grammar & Private School Entry Creative Writing Marking Service

We understand that tutoring is an added expense not everyone can afford and also that some parents also like to do extra work at home with their children that cannot always be marked in group tutoring.


With that in mind, we have introduced an affordable marking service for parents that prefer to teach their children at home or do extra work at home but would like the added support of our 30+ years of expertise and a helping hand.


For now this service is specifically for those children preparing for 11 plus entry. 


So, how does it work?


Twice a month we will email subscribers up to 5 essay titles for their children to write us beautiful stories! Your child has up to 2 weeks to complete 2 or more stories from the list and email them to us.


We will read and mark the stories and provide you with feedback within 7 working days. We will also provide some pointers on how you can improve your child's writing.


Additionally for busy parents that would also like a call as well as the included feedback we can offer a 10 min phone call to address any concerns you have on the writing.


Lastly, should you wish to book 1 off skype lessons every now and again without any ongoing commitment, you can do so and we would provide all essays to your tutor so there is full follow through with any work we have been sent.


Why don't I just give my own child essays and mark them myself?

Yes, of course, this is something you could do.  However, we have over 30 years experience in preparing children for the 11 plus both grammar and private school entry. We know what to look out for and how to mark the papers to the standard required. We know how to get the best results for your child!


What else do I get?

Well here is the good part! If you have subcribed for the story titles in a batch, you may get a surprise! Every now and again we will send you some additional materials for your child completely free of charge. This could be a vocabulary list to learn or a free comprehension or another 11 plus related English task!


Story Options & Fees:


A) Story Writing and Marking Service  £14.50 per story

Stories marked and returned (min order 2 stories)




B) Five stories Marked and Returned Discounted rate £72.50


C) 10 min phone consultation (Applied to one story batch) £13


D) The 'I want it all!' bundle discount £80

Includes 5 stories, marked and returned plus a 10 mins phone consultation


To book please email us on enquiries@sbktuition.co.uk with number of stories you would like. Please also let us know if you would like to also add item C. We will then contact you to process your order.


Terms: All stories must be returned to SBK no later than 2 weeks after story titles have been sent to you. All rates above apply to one story batch cycle. All fees non refundable and non transferable